Guest List Curation. Management Of Travel, Stay, Experience.


Pamper your guests till they swoon! You bet, they’ll love every moment of this. Isn’t this the most precarious task! The list, the pecking order, the endless efforts to not make a mistake!! No worries here, we got this right. From curation till your last guest goes home on your big day, it’s all on us, so you live your dream…!!

Guest List Curation

IRIS charts out your perfect guest list, basis your family, friends or other influencing names in society.

Invite Distribution & RSVP

IRIS takes care of invites, doing the RSVPs for you, getting you the final attendees, making amendments to your list along the way.

Travel & Logistics

IRIS handles all your guest’s logistics needs; travel, stay, local transport from hotel to venue and anything else which might be needed.

Guests’ Hospitality

IRIS goes beyond just managing your guests. We make them comfortable and impart a feeling of oneness with your event.